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At the heart of our camp philosophy lies a daily time for morning devotions, an intentionally quiet moment out of otherwise highly energetic schedule.  We thoughtfully focus on the individual building blocks of character development and begin each devotions with our Camp Verse. This short psalm (Psalm 19:14) represents the core of our camp values and the character we seek to promote in our campers. 

Our conversations, which are based on scripture, stories, history, and personal experience, form the foundation of how we intend to approach each day. Themes of attitude, leadership, respect, love, and many others help to guide us in the decisions that determine who we are. In turn, camp provides a fun, loving, and comfortable family atmosphere in which everyone is encouraged and challenged to be the very best version of themselves.

Our mission is to help young boys and girls realize their own personal strengths and potential as positive influences not only in the camp community, but in all facets of life.

We Believe.

- Our numbers should be small. It’s imperative that within a family everyone must know each other.

- Cabins are best with a mix of all ages.

- Camp should be a place to connect with nature and unplug from technology.

- Structure, routine, and free time are all important to daily life.