During camp we strongly encourage the age-old practice of the hand written letter. Twice every week we require that campers write letters home or to friends and other family; something that younger generations do not get to practice as often in the modern era. We feel that this is an important skill to hone, and camp is an excellent place to do so. As a part of this process, we ask that all communication from parents (and others) to their campers be in the form of a hand written letter, as well. It is important that campers receive meaningful letters from home as this is a critical component to practicing being on their own and independent. In addition, your letters can help to provide excellent examples of how a letter should be written.


Whether it’s a short postcard or a multi-page letter, much can be learned  from the letters received. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, you might be surprised to discover how this type of “pen-pal” correspondence can enhance your relationship with your child.

Letters to and from children can be collected and saved; a lasting keepsake from time spent apart in the summers. So please take the time to write a letter to your child. It doesn’t take long, and we promise you won’t regret it!

Also, PLEASE NOTE: we will no longer be accepting email from parents to their campers. Exceptions will be made for those campers who have family that live at such a distance (i.e. Europe) that mail will travel too slowly given the short time spent at camp. Parents and campers in these cases will be allowed to correspond via email through the camp email account only (directors@maxwelton-lachlan.com). This is a reminder that no text/email/internet capable devices are permitted at camp

Families may send care packages to their campers. However, we ask you to emphasize non-perishable items such as books, magazines, batteries, mementos, etc.. As there is a strong positive correlation between food arriving in packages and the observed rodent population, please limit consumables to amounts that can be enjoyed or shared with the cabin in a day or two. Don’t worry, we feed your children well!


Letters and packages should be addressed to:

Camper Name

Camp Maxwelton (or Camp Lachlan)

1629 Walker’s Creek Rd

Rockbridge Baths, VA 24473