When it comes to the daily schedule, we find that it is best to create a balance of structure and freedom. Each day campers progress through a series of instructional periods, games, meals, gatherings, and other organized activities

 To complement this structured agenda, we incorporate plenty of rest and free time into the schedule every day so campers feel relaxed and at home. We believe these moments of of downtime and freedom are so important! Although we often mix up our daily routine with special trips and events, a normal day’s schedule looks something like this:

8:00AM -   Reveille: Camp awakens with Leebo blowing the bugle, followed shortly by a ceremonial raising of the American flag. We say the “Pledge of Allegiance” and sing “My Country ‘Tis of Thee” to start our day off with a sense of respect, pride, and appreciation for our country.

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8:30 - Breakfast: Every breakfast is made up of two courses: cereal and hot. We take our time to fuel up for the day and make general announcements.

9:15 - Inspection: After breakfast we brush our teeth, get ready for the day, and take a few minutes as a group to clean and straighten the cabin living spaces. We consider cleanliness an important component of living together!

10:00 -  Morning Devotions: A time for reflection and enjoyment! You can read more about our Devotions in our “Philosophy” section.

10:30 - Morning Activities: Here campers are organized into small groups according to age. Small groups of similar ages allow for campers to get the most out of each period. The schedule is rotated through all of the available activities, with four instructional periods each day.

1:00PM - Lunchtime: Everyone gathers back in the dining hall to refuel. Counselors stand and share what their groups did during the morning; a brief but important element that helps everyone to recognize and feel more connected to the progress of other groups.

2:00 - Rest Hour: We take our rest seriously! After lunch we spend some time recharging the batteries. Campers retire to their bunks for rest before afternoon activities. They are encouraged to read, write letters, or even nap if they can.

3:30 - Afternoon team games: While morning activities take place in small groups of the same age, teams for afternoon games are larger and of mixed ages. Cub-counselors (our 15-year-olds) serve as team captains, and each team rotates through different sports and opponents on a daily basis. These games are full-field with referees and are longer in duration than morning activities. Team records are kept, and each two-week “league season” ends with a team champion.

4:30 - Swim call: After team games, everyone heads to the lake to cool off. This is a period of free swim where campers can swim, float, canoe, soap up, or play games in the water. There is a short amount of down time before dinner, as well.

6:00 - Dinner: Everyone meets at the house for our final meal of the day. We hear captains report on the afternoon games, and announcements are made about the evening’s schedule.

7:00 - Free time: An extremely important time of the day, campers are given relatively free reign of the camp space. It’s a time for pickup games, playing instruments, listening to music, fishing in the creek, or just relaxing with friends after a busy day.

8:00 - Camp Gathering: As the day winds down, campers convene one last time as a group to finish the day. This time consists of traditional camp songs followed by stories told around the campfire, skits, or even movies on the big screen in the barn.

9:30 - Taps: Once campers have brushed their teeth, they head back to the cabins to get ready for bed. A longstanding tradition, the final call for lights out is given as the bugle blows “Taps.” After short counselor readings to put the cabin to sleep, the campers are ready for a good night’s rest… before waking up to do it all over again!


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