Some places and people become home and family forever, even after you have gone. Camp is one of those places. So grateful for Jump Mountain and my camp family.
— Alumnus
Camp is absolutely the best place on earth! I spent 9 summers there and still wish I could go back every summer! The friends I made over those 9 summers will be friends for life. I love Lachlan!
— Alumna
I loved Maxwelton. It holds a special place in my heart. I keep a picture of jump mountain in my room so I’m reminded of the great times I had there. My stepfather went there in roughly the late 1940’s (is the toes memorial still standing?). I went there in the 1990’s and I plan on sending my kids there. It’s a great place. If you are thinking about sending your children there (to Maxwelton or Lachlan) I highly recommend it. You won’t be disappointed.
— Alumnus

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The best camp! Everyone belongs and is valued and loved at Camp Lachlan. It’s a special place run by special people. I cried every time I had to leave at the end of camp. I can’t wait to send my daughter in a year or two.
— Alumna
I loved it as a child and both of my children loved it! Our son, Taylor said that Maxwelton actually prepared him for dorm life at Hampden-Sydney!
— Alumnus and Parent
My favorite place in the world!
— Camper
I love watching our family’s third generation of campers having a blast and creating more camp memories!
— Parent
I love Camp Lachlan! I have learned so many things just from being at camp, and I think that it is really important for me to give back as much as I can to the place that made me who I am today. I also love working with the girls and I cannot imagine another way to spend my summer!
— Current Counselor