Our counselors are chosen carefully, with a strong character and well-rounded personality being the major prerequisites. They must know and like camp work, as well as enjoy mentoring younger campers. We are fortunate that most of our counselors were campers before graduating to the counselor level. Their experience as a camper allows them to step into a position as empathic leaders who are familiar with camp traditions, and most importantly have a solid foundation of the ideals we encourage.

In order to help with the transition from camper to counselor, we challenge our oldest campers (fifteen-year-olds) to help lead the younger campers in many aspects of camp life. In this role they are considered cub-counselors, or "cubs" for short. In essence, they are counselors in training during this year of leadership development. Our cubs are adored by the younger campers and we are consistently impressed by their ability to serve as powerful role models.