Happy and Healthy Campers

The health of our campers is incredibly important and carefully monitored. Camp boasts a daily health care provider who oversees health records, medications, and any necessary first aid. Our nurse is located in the “Walnut Room” of the main house, which serves as an infirmary where any campers’ health needs can be met. In addition, counselors are continually on the alert to emphasize safety, hygiene, and to prevent overexertion. Radios are positioned throughout camp to ensure constant communication between the staff, camp nurse, and directors. We will always be on call for your child’s needs. We also perform a "health check" at the end of each day to make sure that each camper is feeling their best.


Parents are immediately notified if their child needs to visit an off-campus doctor. Our camp physician is Dr. John Marsh of Middlebrook Family Practice in Middlebrook, VA. The Lexington/Rockbridge area is fortunate to have several additional excellent family practice physicians and specialists who serve our needs, as well.


The camp medical form (with copies of insurance information attached) must be completed by the camper's parents or guardians, AND physician prior to opening day. During staff training, the directors and medical personnel will go over each camper's pertinent medical information with the entire staff. It is important that we are all informed of your child's needs!